• January 5, 2014

MercyHand has designed a messaging center based on security. Managers can send/receive messages from other managers from within their organization or region. The messaging center is in an email style format for familiarity; however, messages never actually leave the MercyHand system. They are self-contained for additional security. Managers will see new messages in their inbox, and can compose, reply, or delete messages from the message center. The message center is also where managers can submit trouble tickets to the MercyHand Support staff.

Along with the message center is the custom-designed MercyHand Chat. Like the message center, the chat allows managers to chat with other managers within their region or their specific organization. The MercyHand Support staff is also accessible within the chat system. The MercyHand Chat is styled after the Facebook chat system for familiarity, and like the message center, it’s self contained. It’s not in any way affiliated with the Facebook chat system.