MercyHand, simply put, is an accountability suite that helps churches, counseling centers, and non-profit organizations keep track of goods and services provided to benevolent clients.

The purpose is to have a central, secure database that these businesses can access, register, or look-up clients that they assist, and enter information they believe to be useful for the organization’s historical data. These businesses can choose to keep their information private, or they can make it public to the MercyHand community.

Here’s an example:
A person comes into your organization needing fuel in their vehicle. You register the client into the MercyHand system, and then provide information stating that you’ve helped this person by providing a fuel gift card worth $50. Now let’s say this individual goes down the street, or to a nearby community, and seeks help from another organization by asking them for a fuel gift card. This organization can search for the client in the MercyHand system, and then see that your facility has already helped this person with fuel recently. This is a simple example of how the accountability network can work among organizations in any community, anywhere in the world!

Imagine if there is an organization in Los Angeles using the MercyHand system, and the information that they input on a certain client were to help another organization in New York. The information has already proven itself to be invaluable many times in scenarios similar to this.

Why not get your organization involved and bring a sense of unity among your community by getting them all involved as well? Together, we can help one another, and help those we serve at the same time.

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